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Quartz transparent rods/Synthetic quatrz tubes and components

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    Quartz transparent rods/Synthetic quatrz tubes and components

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    Quartz rod
    We manufacture and supply Quartz Rod that has high purity, excellent temperature characteristics and low coefficient of thermal expansion and offers excellent dimensional stability. These Quartz Rods are available in diameter of 2 to 70 mm with Length 1200mm.


    • High purity
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Low co-efficient of thermal expansion.


    Quartz Rods are used to fabricate Silicon Wafer Carriers in the semi conductor industry and as handles in fiber optic manufacturing industry.

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Quartz transparent rods
At Yunsheng we hold a range of drawn quartz rod. Our Clear fused quartz rod has minimal air lines and inclusions, and excellent dimensional stability.This material is natural quartz pulled from a Single-step furnace, the rod is directly drawn in a continuous electrical-fusion process that covers an outer diameter range from 1.00 mm to 80.00 mm.
These rods are produced in non-semiconductor and semiconductor grades.
Above this size we 'core-drill' ingot material. This can be natural or synthetic.Sizes range up to 550 mm diameter with various lengths being catered for, depending on customers' requirements.
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